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You will be expected to be familiar with the following material prior to the classroom training. This is very important as we will be doing exercises that use this material as input. Time will not be allocated to read/watch this material during the two day course. Even if you are familiar with a topic that an item below relates to, please read/watch this specific material on it. If you have read an older version of the Scrum Guide, please re-read it and review the changes:

Please put aside several hours for this, starting more than a week prior to the course. You can expect to be asked to fill in a questionnaire about your progress shortly before the course.


  1. The Scrum Guide – latest version:
  2. Origins of Scrum:


  1. Article on team diversity:
  2. Team Performance Sketchtalk—April 2009


  1. How to Run Scrum Retrospectives: The Recipe to Agile Success by Martin Wickman you have time also see the book Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Greatby Esther Derby and Diana Larsen, 2006)

Complimentary frameworks

  1. What is Extreme Programming? by Ron Jeffries:
  2. Kanban and Scrum making the most of both by Henrik Kniberg pp. 17-67:
  3. The Lean Startup Methodology:
  4. Lean Startup Strategy: the Minimal Viable Product:


  1. The World Café: Café to Go! – link under “Hosting Tool Kit”)
  2. Scaling? 2:06 – 12:06 or as long as you care to watch and learn about LeSS
  3. Feature Team Primer by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde:
  4. Co-ordination and Integration:
  5. Introduction to LeSS (8:14):
  6. Enterprise Scrum by Mike Beedle in New York:
  7. [email protected] by Jeff Sutherland:

For convenience, the above videos on YouTube are accessible as a playlist: