Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL2) with Michael Sahota – Live Virtual, 28-30 June 2021


“The Sahota” CAL 2 Live Virtual Experience is a deep dive into the concepts of the CAL1 and we continue the journey with Playbook 2.0

“Agile Culture & Leadership” The Masterclass (CAL2) with Michael K Sahota

“A new way of being enables a new way of working”

Evolutionary Leadership takes your organization to the highest levels of performance.

CAL 2 is a deep dive into the concepts of the CAL1 and we continue the journey with Playbook 2.0 for alignment, practical role-playing, organizational listening and advanced leadership skills.

Why you want to be here:

  • Increase your effectiveness on your personal and professional life
  • Evolutionary Leadership is the key to your success and want to grow
  • Use crucial conversation skills for resistance, implementation and change
  • Learn facilitation techniques to unlock Org. performance
  • Playbook 2.0 extensions for Gain the competitive edge to influence culture shift in organizations
  • Gaps in your leadership, gain skills to evolve faster
Michael Sahota

Meet Michael, your breakthrough Agile Leadership trainer

Michael is a leading trainer for the Certified Agile Leadership program through the Scrum Alliance. He has taught over 2,000 graduates worldwide.

His classes are controversial and unique. This is what allows his students to flourish. He shows them what the missing pieces are to common organisational challenges. You can go back to your organisation and implement right away.

He’s been in the Agile world for 20 years and is the expert in helping leaders bridge the gap between Agile and organisational reality.

Overcome the top 90% of organisational challenges with Agile.


Michael Sahota will help you to excel in your career by teaching you how to:

  • Use the Playbook for high-performance organisations
  • See causes of resistance and mitigate them
  • Overcome key Agile challenges
  • Develop leadership behaviours necessary to influence organisational culture
  • Work more effectively as a manager and with managers
  • Evolve culture at all levels of the organisation
  • Have key conversations to clarify what is desired
  • Enhance your own leadership skills

Breakthrough your Agile Leadership roadblocks with Michael Sahota

  • This is not for you if you are looking for another tool or tactic that will get you marginal growth in your organization.
  • This is for you if you want a breakthrough experience that turns you into the leader you want to be.
  • You will be equipped with the right frameworks and mindset to go back into your organization and create real efficiency.
  • This CAL is Advanced education for leaders, executives and change agents creating Agile environments.


Your live interactive experience

This is a live interactive course. It is designed and set up just like an in-person training.

Taking CAL2 will not only make you a better change agent it will change your being.

R. Rogers

A must have for every leader, mind blowing insights. 

W. Hebauer

My recent virtual CAL2 experience with Michael and Audree was fantastic. It was like no other leadership training I’ve ever taken. Their command of the content, clear delivery and unconventional technologies kept us all off balance and growing. Forget the Agile mindset. This experience is light years beyond that!

F. Leong


Australian NSW/VIC/ACT times:
June 28: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm AEDT
June 29: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm AEDT
June 30: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm AEDT

New Zealand times:
June 28: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm NZDT
June 29: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm NZDT
June 30: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm NZDT

What to expect of the course

  • Live polls (using PollEverywhere)
  • Small virtual room breakouts for discussion
  • Live drawings
  • Q&A


Technical requirements

  • An internet speed of at least 8 Mbps (up & down) (check your speed by Googling “speed test” and run the test)
  • A front-facing camera so that everyone in the class can see you. (Test this before the course.)
  • Audio with the ability to speak to and hear each other in the class (test this before the course)
  • Zoom meeting technology



Early Bird $4,150 Until 1 month prior
Regular ticket $4,800 Until 2 days prior
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All rates inc. of GST


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Payment Options

  • Credit card – Mastercard, Visa or American Express
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment – must be made within 7 days (choose “Pay by Invoice” as Payment Method)


Further Information

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Course Content

Time: 3 days

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About the Instructor

User Avatar Michael Sahota

I believe people deliver astounding results when we fully engage them with Purpose in Safe, Connected workplaces. I help leaders cultivate their organisational culture. To show up in ways that invites others to show up. And to evolve structures and practices that foster a resilient adaptable organisation. I am a guide and teacher of organisational gardening. I lead by example. I lovingly invite awareness to increase options and choice. I foster this through: training, coaching, consulting, and facilitation. Since 2001, I have been fostering an Agile way of working. Since 2010, I have been helping organisations evolve their organisational culture and leadership to create places where "Agile" may flourish. As a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator, I help leaders bridge the world between "Agile" and organisational reality.
$4,800 $4,150

Group & Early Bird Discount Available


    •   20+ contact hours of training
    •   Scrum Alliance Certification
    •   Electronic course workbook
    •   A book by Michael Sahota
    •   Ongoing online support