Agile Coaching and Consulting

Scrum WithStyle has been providing Agile Coaching and consulting services since 2008. We provide a flexible engagement model that allows you to start with a commitment of only a few hours and, using an engagement backlog, steer the direction of the engagement in an agile manner.

Since mid 2020 we offer our Agile Coaching and Consulting online as well as in-person. Contact us for rates and a proposal.

Scaled Agile Consulting


There are man scaling approaches available but little appreciation of the dramatic differences between the problems that they address and the capabilities that can be expected of their implications. Since the start of 2008 we have been involved in multi-team Agile adoptions designed to optimise for adaptability and highest customer value. Our offering in this area includes everything from understanding your (de)scaling options to a multi-year partnership through to fluency realising performance characteristics similar to a high performing single team but with many teams.

Management Consulting

One of the most common failure modes that we see stems from an inadequate level of familiarity at executive and senior management levels with Agile and Lean strategies, organisational structures and the implications of these for the workforce and for them personally. Also the listening, thinking and decision making tools to actually lead the organisational change that this involves. This typically leads to “Water-Scrum-Fall” whereby Agile structures and processes and subordinated to a predictive, waterfall-style governance and management approach resulting in mediocre localised improvement at best and the “worst of both worlds” at worst.

For several years we have started this with high impact executive briefings and simulations followed-up with supporting managers through navigating the change journey through round tables, workshops, regular coaching calls and establishing Agile management practice disciplines.

Culture and capability assessments

We have a well proven set of tools for providing insights into your current and preferred culture, your Agile capability relative to thousands of other organisations, the health of your teams and of your Scrum, XP or Kanban adoption. The well regarded organisational culture diagnostic that we use can be used more broadly than in relation Agile adoptions.

Adoption alignment workshops

For several years now we have worked with leaders on establishing alignment around the reason for change, the desired outcomes for the organisation and the role of leaders in leading such change. We believe that establishing this is *the* single most critical factor in the success of an Agile adoption.

Agile Fluency™ diagnostics and investment guidance

We are accredited to administer perhaps the highly regarded Agile Fluency Diagnostic Instrument that provides clarity on the desired capability, the current state relative to this and the investments by sponsor and team to achieve the desired capability. For more information on this see the Agile Fluency™ Project.

Team Launch and Reboot

We have years of experience launching new cross-functional teams in a way that accelerates their development. This is crucial as team research shows that team design, start conditions and how the team is launched account for as much as 90% of team performance!

Big picture retro/future-spectives

As skilled facilitators, we offer richly interactive ways to make sense of the past and draw out today’s hopes and fears about the future. This is a rich listening experience for leaders and team members alike informs next adoption steps.

ScrumMaster Mentoring and Coaching

As our ScrumMaster experience goes back to 2003, we are well placed to offer mentoring and coaching both to individuals and groups of ScrumMasters as they navigate this challenging capability leadership role.

Team and Individual Coaching

Everyone involved in Agile-related change is challenged with changing their mindset and behaviours. The support of a coach can make an enormous difference to whether teams and individuals struggle endlessly or thrive in this new way of working.