Luke Ireland

GovTech Graduate, Department of Internal Affairs

Just wanted to thank you again for your time running the CSM course. Really learned a lot and am excited to put the skills I learnt into practice. Superbly run from start to finish, very impressed by it all.

Dave Holland

Dave Holland

Senior Software Developer, Aviat Networks

Excellent course. Rowan Bunning’s style is easy and informative. It is a privilege to be instructed by someone so eminent and knowledgeable.

Aaron Bryce


Rowan is an amazing teacher and very passionate in what he teaches also.

Jason Cameron

Jason Cameron

Senior Consultant, ASG Group

Great consolidation of relevant real life tools and techniques for experienced ScrumMasters. Great experience base and great facilitator.

Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke

Senior Software Developer, Indue

Rowan Bunning is an excellent and experienced trainer, with years of real life experience in the development and Scrum processes. This was very apparent in the level of training that our CSM course group received at Scrum WithStyle.

Learning within different non work groups was a real eye opener as it gave me an insight into how other companies develop and work within the Scrum Agile framework. It was very different to how the company I work for has implemented the Agile framework.

Rowan was an expert at getting everyone in our training course engaged and collaborating in the learning process. It was a real facilitation success, and I could see everyone gained a better understanding of the course material.

Richard Nguyen

Project Manager - ASB Bank

The Certified ScrumMaster course was presented in an interesting, practical and engaging manner. It was a total immersion experience and value for money. I passed the exam on my first try. Rowan is a talented and gifted instructor. Keep up the great work!

Daniel Dojcinovski

Daniel Dojcinovski

Agile Coach - Oakton

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome training last week it was great learning new PO techniques.

Amna Salis Khan

Technology Product Specialist - Telstra

I have attended trainings for, and cleared SSYB, ITIL, PMP, PRINCE2 but I have to say that this particular training by Rowan Bunning is BY FAR, the BEST experience for me, mainly because of how Rowan keeps you engaged throughout. Rowan really explained concepts again and again and in detail.

I’m amazed at the effort you have put in (in terms of handouts, charts etc. too) for this training and how energetic you are.

Drazenka Slunjski

SA Power Networks

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm in delivering the course.

It was all very helpful and wonderfully presented – practical demonstration of presentation skills, teaching, coaching, servant leading and more!

It definitely inspired me to be more focused and determined to put many of those in practice.

Thank you for sharing the links to the materials you used and a lot more additional information. I will definitely reference it in my agile practices.

Murty Vysyaraju

Senior Management Consultant – NSW Department of Finance, Services and Information

First of all, let me thank you for the wonderful engagement and education for the last two days. You certainly lived up to your reputation in the market as a Scrum/Agile Coach. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to using it in our workplace and drive Agile from a strategic perspective. Thanks a lot for your course materials and the class slides.

Blake Lahiff

Blake Lahiff

Product Owner at OneBlink

Really engaging, and educational for all levels of PO.

Brian Lyall

Brian Lyall

User Experience Practice Lead at Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)

Very insightful, engaging and highly valuable – as a Product Designer and involved with Agile concepts/engagements each day this has solidified my knowledge and taken the rough edges off of my understanding of things.

Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams

Co-Founder/Technical Director at Spotto

Highly interactive and practical, a down to earth view of how POs fit into a Scrum team.

Kavi Kishore

Kavi Kishore

Business Analyst at Xero

If you’d like to learn about Scrum and Agile, and how the PO fits into it along with what’s good vs bad practice, tools and techniques to use, different frameworks, models etc., then this course is for you!

I personally learnt a lot from this course and I’m looking forward to applying it in my workplace.

Thanks heaps to Rowan and everyone else involved! I reckon this course has been adapted to an online version quite well, all things considered. Loved hearing from others in the session and knowing that a lot of us are in the same boat when it comes to this product world!

Briony Willing

Briony Willing

Content Designer

Amazing. I found this incredibly valuable. It was great learning that what I thought I knew based on previous experience was not necessarily correct and am glad to have learnt that before I kick off my Product Owner role! Some great tips and tricks and learnings. The breakout groups were incredibly valuable for me, I had some really great people in mine who shared a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Kavita Sippy

Kavita Sippy

ScrumMaster Certified Scrum Master, Team Lead - Desktop Support and Service Delivery at iiNet

Amazing course. It has got so many things to learn from which can be useful for future growth. Must recommend.

Mark Goss

Mark Goss


A really great insight and hands on training into Scrum, what it means and how it applies in the workplace.

Hari Kotha

Hari Kotha

Intermediate Test Analyst at Kiwiplan

Learned many new things in this course and would definitely recommend to others who would want to pursue their career as a Scrum Master.

Pramod Raveendran

Information Technology Service Delivery Manager at OSS Group

I want to thank Rowan Bunning CST from Scrum WithStyle and the team at Equinox IT for the Certified ScrumMaster course. As I have never been in an online classroom environment, I was a little sceptical approaching the course but Rowan Bunning CST made it effortless for us. Really excited to complete the certification and looking forward to using the knowledge as I head into my new role. Great stuff guys!!!

E. Driskell

The Virtual Sahota CAL 1 Training is inspiring, educational, and life changing experience that I will carry with me and will influence my practice throughout my career and lifetime.

S. Jaillais

Prepare yourself for an amazing journey. Put your feet on the floor, take a big breath… and open your mind! It is all about you! Are you going to take the blue or the red pill ? You have the choice!

Samir Ademovic

Samir Ademovic

Virtual CAL1 course has been organised to the highest production quality. Captivating, interactive, personal, intense and life changing. It makes you shift your focus on yourself. Highly recommend!

G. Salwan

A phenomenal course with impeccable and exceptional delivery, par excellence experience  with the CAL1 virtual training.

Marc Hundleby

Marc Hundleby

The Shift314 Team has created an amazing online experience. Michael and Audree hold you in an incredibly safe space. This course is so much more than becoming a better leader; it is a gateway to help you become an extraordinary human being.

L. Hill

The CAL1 training with Michael and Audree was not only informative but very powerful. It challenges your current beliefs on how to foster a high performance direction for your organization but also shows you a path forward to a new way of thinking and being as a leader.

With the current pandemic there was some concern about the virtual setting however it was not limiting at all, in fact It may have added to feelings of safety for the group allowing us all to share our thoughts openly.

N. Baumann

What an amazing experience! Eye-opening and very inspiring indeed. I particularly enjoyed the way Michael, Audree and Ron made the “virtual” session feel very real and tangible.

O. Vaticone

This should be a mandatory training for all the leaders in any organisation. It goes beyond Agile, it inspires you to be a better leader.

T. Rao

I highly recommend the ‘Live Virtual Sahota “Agile” Culture & Leadership (CAL1)’ It was a no BS, action packed, engaging and pragmatic program aimed at making us better leaders in the real world

M. Rood

An extraordinary virtual workshop with so many insights supported by practical tools to support learning.

F. Leong

My recent virtual CAL2 experience with Michael and Audree was fantastic. It was like no other leadership training I’ve ever taken. Their command of the content, clear delivery and unconventional technologies kept us all off balance and growing. Forget the Agile mindset. This experience is light years beyond that!

W. Hebauer

A must have for every leader, mind blowing insights. 

R. Rogers

Taking CAL2 will not only make you a better change agent it will change your being.