Our Partners

We have high standards at Scrum WithStyle. In the Agile services space, we only partner with world-class providers that we can strongly recommend.

Our high degree of engagement with the Agile community internationally is reflected in these partners, all but one of whom are based outside of Australia.

On the surface, Scrum Alliance is an organisation that provides education, resources, and support to practitioners of Scrum and Agile. But dig deeper, and you will find Scrum Alliance part of a mindset and movement. Scrum Alliance offers advocacy, community engagement, research, networking and a focus on organizational change that is transforming the world of work all over the globe. What drives us isn’t commerce or the bottom line; we are driven by the members that make up our global community, along with everyone who seeks to achieve true work/life balance.

Founded in 2001, we’re the largest, most established and influential professional membership and certification organisation in the Agile community. Our nonprofit association has certified more than 750,000 practitioners worldwide.

Our vision is to “Transform the World of Work” with a mission to guide and inspire individuals, leaders, and organisations with practices, principles, and values that create workplaces that are joyful, prosperous, and sustainable.


Scrum WithStyle has partnered with Equinox IT since 2009 to provide regular Scrum and Agile training in New Zealand. It has been a true delight to work with the friendly and talented people at Equinox IT. Their support has ben rock solid and their efforts to promote high quality Scrum and Agile in New Zealand unwavering for well over a decade.

Equinox IT was formed to do things better based on a fundamental belief in the power of people to achieve this. We aspired to build a company with ‘balance’ – where technology serves the business and where family, personal growth, social responsibility, diversity and sustainability are equal partners with profit, growth and commercial success.

For enquiries about the Scrum and Agile services that we offer in New Zealand, please contact Equinox IT.


Scrum WithStyle has partnered with Agilitrix since 2017 to offer Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) in Australia. Michael Sahota of Agilitrix is the world’s most experienced CAL educator and the course experiences that he creates continue to deeply move participants to the degree that some call it “life changing”.

We deliver the integrated shift in Tactics, Strategy, Culture & Leadership needed to evolve a High Performance “Agile” Organization. When there is a shift in consciousness of the leader, this shifts the entire organization. Imagine an organization filled with engaged, motivated, and productive people. This positively impacts not only the workers and the quality of the products they deliver, but also the families and communities people live in. The ripple effect continues to the partners the company works with and the customers that use their products. Organization by organization, the world will shift to a better place. It starts with leadership.

Please see our Certified Agile Leadership page for more about our upcoming CAL opportunities with Michael Sahota of Agilitrix.


Scrum WithStyle has been partnering with Simon Bennett of LASTing Benefits on Scrum training and Agile coaching since before LASTing Benefits was established in Australia. Simon has led a number of successful Agile coaching engagement under the Scrum WithStyle brand. Simon is a Certified Scrum Trainer with a depth of knowledge and insight that is never ceases to spark lightbulb moments.

LASTing Benefits is a boutique consultancy specialising in augmenting Lean and Agile adoptions with cognitive complexity and systems thinking techniques to create self sustaining organisational change.

Here at LASTing Benefits we assist with your Lean and Agile adoptions and provide training in Risk Management, Cynefin, Agile & Lean including Certified Scrum (CSM, CSPO) training, Kanban training, Personal Kanban, 1/2-day & 1-day Intro to Agile workshops and Agile Business Analyst training.


Trail Ridge have selected Scrum WithStyle to provide Scrum training in Australia as part of their engagement with multi-national clients.

Our mission is to bring awareness, understanding and pragmatic guidance to develop agile leaders, leadership teams, and their organizations for improved health, performance and sustainability in highly complex, uncertain and rapidly changing environments.


Agile Learning Labs have selected Scrum WithStyle to provide Scrum training in Australia as part of their engagement with multi-national clients.

Agile Learning Labs specializes in experiential, hands-on training. We are based in Silicon Valley and offer public and private workshops worldwide.


Agile Pain Relief offers exactly that – relief for individuals and organizations from the frustration of misunderstood and misapplied Scrum, Lean, and other Agile practices. Coaching and mentoring from executive level and whole organizations, to the individual developer and tester, Mark Levison CST incorporates the neuroscience of learning to develop fun and effective training workshops across Canada.


CLT’s mission is to create Learning Teams & Organizations. Teams and Leaders who are able to adjust to capture an opportunity will prevail.  Agile will help reduce your cost of change – because we all agree change is the only constant in business.


Agile Centre aim is to cultivate high-performing, Agile organisations, which unleash people’s creativity and passion.


Founded in 2010 Procognita helps companies to achieve their goals in a dynamic market by promoting Agile and Lean approaches. We are based in Poland and we share knowledge and support individuals and organizations in Central and East Europe through training, mentoring, talks and workshops.


Project Brilliant is an Agile training, coaching, and consulting firm based in Indianapolis, IN. We are the beacon of agility that guides organizations in a rapidly changing marketplace.


Grow-Lean LLC provides agile services to assist individuals, teams and organizations in their agile journey. As our company name implies, we grow your capabilities and help you stay lean. We offer training and coaching services throughout the United States.


Manoj Vadakkan, (also known as Man-OJ) is an Expert in Scrum. He has been practicing Scrum for more than a decade. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer and a Certified LeSS Practitioner.

He has been working with clients large and small for nearly 25 years. Manoj lives in Denver, Colorado can be spotted at many Colorado Agile community events. While living in the Washington DC Metro he co-founded Agile DC, a yearly conference attended by 500+ people.