Certified ScrumMaster®

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

Welcome to the most widely recognised Agile training programme. This has been offered by Scrum WithStyle for over 10 years!

There are many imitators but this is the original Scrum certification course with accreditation from the most influential professional development body that was founded in 2001 – Scrum Alliance. With the largest network of professional Scrum practitioners in the world, it is the most established certification organisation in the Agile community.

Become a Certified ScrumMaster if you want to understand what good Scrum is and how you can play your part in the Scrum game effectively. Also to prepare you to take your first steps into the challenging but very rewarding role of ScrumMaster.

About The Course

Our Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course is an intensive deep dive into the world’s most popular Agile method: Scrum. It is an immersive learning experience emphasising hands-on participation through a mix of interactive seminars, group discussions, team activities, games and role-plays.

Although CSM is likely to be your first Scrum certification, we use highly immersive adult learning techniques such as visual modelling, simulations, role-plays and ‘Training from the Back of the Room’ activities to enable self-directed learning and enhanced retention.

This course is organised and run using Scrum as a management framework. This allows for feedback and flexibility as well as experiencing Scrum in action throughout the course.

You Will Learn

  • The philosophy, values and principles that guide you in becoming more Agile.
  • The nature of principles such as Empirical Process Control, Iteration, Timeboxing and Self-organisation that provide an effective model for agile teams to work in a complex environment.
  • In-depth understanding of what are Scrum teams and how roles in Scrum fit together to address Project Management issues in software development.
  • How to establish an environment to foster high-performance agile delivery including creating a Definition of Done and keeping a Product Backlog in a well-groomed state.
  • Techniques for facilitating and participating in highly effective scrum and agile meetings each iteration and each day.
  • How to leverage review and retrospective activities to produce better fit solutions and continuously improve our Scrum delivery capability.
"Just wanted to thank you again for your time running the CSM course. Really learned a lot and am excited to put the skills I learnt into practice. Superbly run from start to finish, very impressed by it all. Best run course I have attended in my career thus far!"
Luke Ireland
GovTech Graduate, Department of Internal affairs

What is CSM Certification?

The CSM certification is a globally recognised accreditation established in 2003 by Scrum Alliance. It has since become the most popular and recognised Agile training offering worldwide.

After completing the require pre-reading, the CSM training course is the second of three steps in gaining the CSM accreditation from the Scrum Alliance. 

The final step to become a Certified Scrum Master is to successfully complete the CSM certification exam. For further information on Scrum framework or CSM exam, see the official CSM resource.

This Scrum Master course may qualify Project Management Professionals (PMPs) for 14 PDUs as approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Course Content

  1. Introductions
    • Certification Process
    • Working Agreements
  2. Scrum Overall
    • Scrum and its Purpose
    • Scrum vs Agile
  3. Events
    • Your Sprint Events Model
    • Events Matrix
    • Sprint Review Outcomes
  4. Control
    • Change Assessment
    • Predictive vs Empirical Process Control
    • Three Pillars of Empirical
    • Agile Planning
  5. Sprint
    • Benefits of Time-boxing
    • Iterative vs Incremental
    • Incremental vs Waterfall Value and Risk Profiles
  6. Artefacts
    • Sprint Goal Formulation
    • Artefacts
    • Artefact Matrix
  7. Scrum Teamwork
    • Self-organising Exercise
    • Team Requirements in Scrum
    • Team Performance Model
  8. Scrum Roles
    • Roles Study and Teach Back 
    • Project Management with Scrum
  9. ScrumMaster Toolkit
    • ScrumMaster Stances
    • Servant-Leadership
    • Team Challenge Scenarios
  10. Practice CSM Test
    Day 2
  11. Initial Backlog Refinement
    • Multi-team Scrum using LeSS
    • Team Formation
    • Affinity Estimation
    • Backlog Ordering
  12. Practice Sprint 1
    • Sprint 1 Planning
    • Sprint 1 Review
  13. Sprint Retrospective
    • Sprint 1 Retrospective
    • SMART Improvement Experiment Design
  14. Sprint Planning
    • Capacity-driven Sprint Planning
  15. Practice Sprint 2
    • Sprint 2 Planning
    • Sprint 2 Review
    • Release Retrospective
  16. Daily Scrum
    • Living the Scrum Values in Daily Scrum
    • Daily Scrum Patterns
    • Daily Scrum Role-plays
  17. Service to the Product Owner
    • Refinement and Delivery Flow
    • Communication Challenges and Solutions
  18. Development Practices
    • Development Practices Game Show
    • Symptom to Development Practice Mapping
  19. Definition of “Done”
    • Definition of Done and Related Terms
    • Potentially Releasable Mind-map
    • Agreeing the DoD
    • Improving Done toward Perfection
  20. Service to the Organisation
    • Stakeholder and Organisational Impediment Scenarios
    • Transparency Increase Opportunities
    • Go! Game
  21. Next Steps
    • Path to CSP
    • CSM Exam Prep.

Why Get Scrum Certification With Us?

  1. Practical guidance from first-hand experience. Over a decade implementing Scrum in dozens of organisations means that Rowan’s guidance is grounded in real world challenges and is highly practical. He speaks from first-hand experience, having worked for years in each of the Scrum roles including Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team Member as well as in a wide variety of other technical, leadership and coaching roles.
  2. Insightful and inspiring. As past course participants testify, you can expect to take away many deep insights into the nature of Scrum and its potential to transform your organisation and your work life for the better. Stories of what scrum masters and scrum team members have managed to achieve with Scrum are likely to inspire you to be a game changer yourself.
  3. Authoritative, non-proprietary course materials. Unlike many other training providers who teach proprietary, non peer-reviewed method formulations marketed using the generic umbrella term ‘Agile’, Rowan’s teaching is fully aligned with the authoritative definitions of the most widely used and peer-reviewed Agile frameworks (e.g. Scrum as per the definition endorsed by the Scrum Alliance®) and techniques (e.g. User Stories and Story Point Estimation as per Mike Cohn).
  4. Take away a comprehensive workbook. As a course participant you will receive a comprehensive Scrum Master course workbook including worksheets on key topics, detailed information on the roles in Scrum that is not found elsewhere, recommended reading and further resources to assist you post-course.
  5. Post-course follow-up. Completing the course does not end your Scrum journey. Rowan can provide post scrum training coaching and has done so with a wide range of organisations in industries including banking, federal and state governments, health insurance, superannuation, salary packing, retail, manufacturing, building security, information security and media.

Your Certified Scrum Trainer

Rowan Bunning

Trainer, Coach & Org Design Consultant

Rowan Bunning is a pioneer of Scrum in Australia. He became one of Australia’s first Scrum Masters in 2003 when he led an organisation-wide Scrum + eXtreme Programming adoption.


He was hired by the United Kingdom’s leading Scrum consultancy in 2007, working as a Scrum Master to recover a challenged project and take it to a successful launch and subsequent business profitability.


Rowan has been delivering Certified ScrumMaster courses since 2008 in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the USA making him one of the most experienced Scrum trainers in the Asian region. Many participants on Rowan’s courses are referred by word-of-mouth by our alumni.


Rowan has worked in developer, Scrum Master and Product Owner roles with genuinely high-performing teams in both project and long lived product development environments. He is particularly interested in organisational design for customer-centric agility, learning organisations, scaling – particularly with Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS), innovation, high performing teams and organisational culture.

Further Information

If you have further questions on how to become certified or any other questions on this Scrum certification, please see the FAQ, contact us on 1300 1 SCRUM, or send us a message