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The Michael Sahota CAL1 Experience

Rethink Agile: Overcome 90% of the Challenges with Agile Transformation
“A New Way of Being Enables a New Way of Doing”

Michael Sahota is a global thought leader on leadership for Agile and high performance organisations. Scrum WithStyle are proud to have partnered with Michael and SHIFT314 since 2017 to bring Certified Agile Leadership training to Australia.

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Michael Sahota speaking with bio

Agile and Beyond

Michael Sahota’s unique approach to organisational change comes from Rethinking Agile. We take you on a journey to a deeper understanding of Agile.

We go Beyond Agile – it’s about how to create a Cultural and Leadership environment where Agile, Digital, DevOps and other new ways of working can thrive.

This is a journey of Evolutionary Leadership and Organisational Performance.

Proven Effective & Impactful

Unlock Your Organisation

Discover Michael Sahota’s unique approach to unlock organisational performance.

Our “Agile” Culture & Leadership Training is an intense 2 days of deep exploration into Leadership, Organisational Change and Culture that will deliver a high performance organisation.

Michael Sahota - Creates a shift in Tactics, Strategy, Culture & Leadership needed to evolve a High Performance Agile Organization

Meet your trainer - Michael Sahota

Michael K Sahota, CEC, is a Thought Leader, Author and Speaker in the Agile Industry. Michael is the co-founder and CEO of SHIFT314 Inc.


Michael’s life’s work is a system to enable evolutionary capabilities in people and organisations to create high performance through Business Agility. He published the ground-breaking book An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide: Working with Organisational Culture. In 2018, he published Emotional Science: The Key to High Performance. Michael is working on his upcoming book on Evolutionary Change.

Get Certified

This course provides the opportunity to earn both the CAL-E and CAL-O certifications from Scrum Alliance. The CAL I is discontinued as of the end of 2020.

CAL Studio

Top Quality Interactive Virtual Training

Join Michael on Live Virtual Training. This is a high quality production, multiple cameras, and breakout interactions to give you a compelling high paced experience. Join others from across the globe, share insights and Rethink Agile with this unique learning journey.

What Virtual Course Participants are Saying

Taking CAL2 will not only make you a better change agent it will change your being.

R. Rogers

A must have for every leader, mind blowing insights. 

W. Hebauer

My recent virtual CAL2 experience with Michael and Audree was fantastic. It was like no other leadership training I’ve ever taken. Their command of the content, clear delivery and unconventional technologies kept us all off balance and growing. Forget the Agile mindset. This experience is light years beyond that!

F. Leong

CAL1 Chart

High Level Course Overview

High Performance Culture

  • Psychological Safety: See the hidden “organisational debt” around safety, trust, and listening so that you can create a healthy ecosystem for success.
  • Unlocking Metrics: Many of the metrics we report on are complicated and hindering success. Focus on the KPI’s that really matter.

Evolutionary Leadership

  • Mindset Shift: Simple and effective neurobiological shifts to clear unconscious programs that limit success. See them, Shift them.
  • Sahota 4 A’s Conscious Leadership Model: take your leadership journey to the next level.
  • Effective tools to create alignment, engage and energize people.

Organisational Performance

  • Eliminate Resistance: Learn how to navigate conflict and friction within your organisation.
  • Transformation: Learn where it is failing and how to make progress in the face of complexity.
  • Sahota Playbook For High Performance: Use this step-by-step guide to create sustainable lasting success.

Ongoing Support

Monthly “Agile” Integration & Application with Michael Sahota
Live monthly Zoom call. This allows you to ask Michael questions and share with other participants as you implement the Sahota Playbook.

Daily Network
Connect with graduates of Michael’s leadership training worldwide who have the desire and passion for high performance organisations. We support each other with shared learning, free courses and resources to create a community designed for sustained success. Join us on the SHIFT Continuum through Mighty Networks.


Scrum Alliance is replacing the Certified Agile Leadership I (CAL I) designation. Instead, there is now: CAL-Essentials (CAL-E), CAL-Teams (CAL-T), and CAL for Organisations (CAL-O). More information can be found on the Scrum Alliance website: https://www.scrumalliance.org/get-certified

The Sahota CAL1, will continued to be offered as a 2 day (or 3 day online) training as: CAL-E + CAL-O: “Agile” Culture & Leadership”.

A: No. And there is a good reason for this.

All CAL1 trainings cover the same set of high-level learning objectives.

However, each training is as unique as the instructor. Each CAL1 reflects the unique leadership and organisational development journey of the instructor.

Our CAL1 experience, reflects the unique intellectual property developed over a decade of professional practice. Our approach has been proven around the world through the success of our graduates.

A: You are expected to have basic knowledge of Agile. This may have come to you through industry experience, reading, meetups or formal training. This course is designed for anyone seeking to foster a more “agile” high-performance organisation. It is accessible and essential for leaders in innovation, lean, human resources, etc. – not just Agile.

Participants are expected to complete 2 hours of videos and readings in advance of the training. Then there is more time to focus on discussion and exploration. The reading guide will be shared with participants after registration.

Further Information

If you have any questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions, Call us on 1300 1 SCRUM, or Send us a message

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