Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL2)

Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL2)

Certified Agile Leadership credential 2

Taking Your Leadership to Extraordinary

Organisational Performance & Evolutionary leadership

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“The Sahota” CAL 2 Experience

“The Sahota” CAL 2 is a deep dive into the concepts of the CAL1 (CAL-E & CAL-O) and we continue the journey with Playbook 2.0 for alignment, practical role-playing, organisational listening and advanced leadership skills.

Why you want to be here:

  • Increase your effectiveness on your personal and professional life 
  • Evolutionary Leadership is the key to your success and want to grow
  • Use crucial conversation skills for resistance, implementation and change
  • Learn facilitation techniques to unlock Org. performance
  • Playbook 2.0 extensions for Gain the competitive edge to influence culture shift in organizations
  • Gaps in your leadership, gain skills to evolve faster

Top Quality Interactive Virtual Experience

This is a high quality LIVE production. We use multiple cameras and breakout interactions to give you a compelling experience from the comfort of your home or office. 

You will receive the exact same information as you would with an in-person experience and all the live interactions with Michael and the other class attendees that make for a unique learning journey.
All you need is an Internet connection.

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"The Sahota" CAL 2 Program

Wisdom, Tools, Mindset Shift
This is an intense 3 days of deep exploration into high performance.

Technologies unlock participants to undergo a process of letting go of existing behaviours that block their abilities for effective leadership.

Explore models of culture and receive a strategic/tactical playbook to guide your next steps on their journey of creating high performance organisations.

Integration Program – Peer Review Sessions

*This work and participation in these sessions is mandatory for certification.

The Certification Journey Continues: In an applied practice, participants will document the application of course learning, receive peer feedback within their cohorts monthly. Plus attend monthly integration calls for deeper learning.

Large Group Review
A half-day online meeting to review and integrate learning at the end of the 4 months. Each participant will present their understanding and application of the CAL content for review and certification. 

Full Duration: approx. 4 months. (3 day training followed by 4 to 5 months of group calls).

Virtual CAL2 Testimonials

Taking CAL2 will not only make you a better change agent it will change your being.

R. Rogers

A must have for every leader, mind blowing insights. 

W. Hebauer

My recent virtual CAL2 experience with Michael and Audree was fantastic. It was like no other leadership training I’ve ever taken. Their command of the content, clear delivery and unconventional technologies kept us all off balance and growing. Forget the Agile mindset. This experience is light years beyond that!

F. Leong

Course Outcome

  • Certified Agile Leader Certification (CAL) Designation from the Scrum Alliance
  • The Sahota CAL 2 Playbook for High Performance Organizations
  • Tactical/practical skills to create high performing organizations
  • Cultivate an organizational and cultural context where Agile may flourish
  • Personal growth practices for high performance
  • Development of leadership mindset needed to support growth
  • Advanced practical skills in “Agile” Organizational and Leadership approaches to decision making, change, engagement and high performance
  • Network and community of participants around the world

Course Pre-Requisites

Course Pre-Requisites: An active combination of two or more of CAL-E, CAL-T, or CAL-O, delivered by Michael K Sahota OR CAL1 certification by Michael K Sahota. See F.A.Q. for additional Details.

Certification Requirement:
Certification will be granted to participants who:

  • Prepare for and participate in peer-review sessions.
  • Participate in monthly integration calls.
  • Pass peer and instructor assessment on final ½ day review meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. You are hitting up against your “leadership edges” and want to grow through them to show up more as the leader you want to be.

2. You have been able to apply parts of the Sahota Playbook for High Performance but want to learn how to use it better to influence others and unlock success.

3. You want to learn more practical details – the step-by-step “how to” of operating the material in the Sahota CAL1.

Each CAL is as unique as the instructor. Michael Sahota provides a unique CAL1 experience where people learn his Playbook for High Performance Organizations ™ .

In CAL2, Michael build’s on unique information shared only in the Sahota CAL1. As a result all CAL2 participants must have completed Michael Sahota’s CAL1 or CAL E+O . This may be either in live interactive format or self-paced.

If you have already taken a CAL1 with another instructor, we would be happy to offer you a heavily discounted seat on our CAL E+O to reflect your commitment to learning and growth or assist you with Online training registration.

Our recommendation is to take the live CAL E+O. It is well worth the additional time invested to get deep change in organisations.

Not sure? Contact us?

If it’s been awhile since you had taken your CAL1, here is some information for you to consider if you’d like to take a CAL1 refresher before moving forward and taking a CAL2.

Evolution of CAL1

The CAL1 is evolving at a rapid rate. Every time Michael teaches a CAL1, he takes a CAL1. He looks for ways to deepen understanding. There are new insights and inter-connections.

Here are some of the key reasons that encourages graduates to join in a “modern” CAL1:

  1. There is new information. Get up to speed with a new baseline of understanding so you can be more successful.
  2. Now that your consciousness has shifted you can receive more of what the course offers. Your first time through, there was a lot of letting go and releasing that limited the reception of new information. Grads who have been multiple times report a deepening and unlock each time.

Here are some key evolutions:

  1. Introduction of the Sahota Playbook for High-Performance (Jan 2017)
  2. Playbook refinement & clarity (Spring 2017)
  3. Linking Sahota Culture Model to Agile Culture (Fall 2017)
  4. Inter-weave of complexity model to culture models (Spring 2018)
  5. Addition of Agenda (Self-Sabotage) (Spring 2018)
  6. New Playbook Step – Relationship Health (Fall 2018)
  7. Integration of Theory X-Y with Leadership Behaviour (Fall 2018)
  8. Enabling “Autonomous, Self-Organizing Teams” (Spring 2019)
  9. New Playbook Step – “Tactical Go”. (Summer 2019)

Many people report our CAL1 as a transformational experience. It is an intense shift in perception and a powerful exploration of our own personal limitations. CAL2 is an even more intensive personal growth experience.

They can be taken back to back. And this is only recommended for people who are ready and seeking serious personal development.

Where possible, we suggest taking 3-6 months between CAL1 & CAL2. CAL2’s are held on an annual basis around the world.

Not sure? Contact us?

CAL1 course is an intense two day experience. CAL2 experience is an even deeper exploration into your leadership journey and very practical application of the CAL1 material. Taking time between the two CALs allows you time to implement your learning and understanding from CAL1, to help you better identify your leadership edges and apply the Sahota Playbook for High Performance to feel ready to move forward. Many people report benefit in taking time to integrate and apply the information.

Much like anything the experience is different for different individuals. On the one hand CAL2 Masterclass is very beneficial to reinforce and integrate CAL1 by going deeper into the concepts and connecting with application in a variety of perspectives. Many people describe CAL1 as “Enlightening” and “Life Changing”. CAL2 even more so. Take a moment to consider how ready you are to be deeply challenged around your beliefs about how you personally show up. If you are ready to be deeply challenged, and your desire for personal growth is a 9 or 10 out of 10, then taking these back to back will be perfect for you.

The updated guidelines by Scrum Alliance allow for these standards for prerequisites: active combination of two or more of CAL-E, CAL-T, or CAL-O. Or CAL 1. In order to take a Sahota CAL2, you must have attended the above course(s) with Michael K Sahota.

An active combination of two or more of CAL-E, CAL-T, or CAL-O, delivered by Michael K Sahota OR CAL1 certification by Michael K Sahota.

Yes. We have had several students take the CAL1 & CAL2 in succession of one another, with tremendous results and having a fantastic experience to continue to learn and grow from.

Yes. We do offer a small discount, if you choose to register for CAL1 & CAL2 together.

To get certified you must fully participate in the peer review sessions. This is a time where you will learn from your peers, share experiences and network. Certification of CAL 2 through the Scrum Alliance will depend on full participation, and positive peer review. Please allow for a 4 month process for the complete CAL 2.

You are welcome to attend the training to get the knowledge without going through the peer certification process. Course fee is the same.

We all understand that leadership is a lifelong commitment, where growth happens over time and experience. We at Agilitrix are excited to announce the next step in your leadership path. The Academy of Leadership Mastery (aka JEDI School) is our next step after the CAL program.

Michael K Sahota

Certified Enterprise Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Culture and Leadership Expert.

Michael teaches his proven framework for leading successful Agile Transformations in his highly accoladed Certified Agile Leadership (CAL 1 & 2) Training worldwide with over 40% of graduates with the Scrum Alliance.

Michael is the founder and CEO of SHIFT314, Inc – a boutique training and consulting organization that specializes in the organizational culture and leadership needed to unlock success with Agile Transformations. His model for Consciously Approaching Agile guides the creation of a cultural and leadership context where Agile drives lasting organizational results.

Since 2001, Michael has been guiding success with Agile. As a thought leader, in 2012, he published the ground-breaking book “An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide: Working with Organizational Culture”. In 2018, he published “Emotional Science: The Key to High Performance”. Michael is working on his upcoming book on “Agile” Culture and Leadership. His vision is to create Evolutionary Leaders that create change and impact on a global scale.

Further Information

If you have any questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions, Call us on 1300 1 SCRUM, or Send us a message

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