CSP-SM Study Material

CSP-SM Study Material

Updated: 6th October 2021

We will be building on a foundational familiarity with the material below during the interactive training. As such, being familiar with this material will accelerate and enhance your learning.

Even if you are generally familiar with a topic that an item below relates to, please read/watch this specific material on it.

Please put aside several hours for this. If your course is scheduled over two separate weeks then note the “Prior to Session X” guidance to help to schedule your preparation. 

CSP-SM Pre-work playlist on YouTube

For convenience, all of the videos in the list below are available as the CSP-SM Pre-work playlist. Note that that playlist does not include the non-video material in the study material list.

Prior to Session 1


If you have read an older version of the Scrum Guide than the November 2020 version, please read the latest. Also review the changes.

Team Development


Prior to Session 2

Advanced Facilitation


Psychological Concepts

Prior to Session 3

Systems Thinking

Organisational Design for (de-)Scaling

Thank you

That’s it. Thanks very much for investing in being well prepared and maximising the value that we can attain from our time together.

You will receive a calendar invite for a pre-course Orientation Call during which we can discuss any questions that you have about your preparation for the training sessions as well as the assignments. We look forward to seeing you on the Pre-course Orientation Call.

Change Log

17th Apr 2024: Added: BDD and Gherking videos. Removed: Complexity section. Added: MOST IMPORTANT annotations.

6th Oct 2021: Removed: Establishing the Coaching Agreement by Chip McFarlane as this video is no longer available.

11th April 2021: Added “Prior to Session X” sections and brought forward “Psychological Concepts” to Session 2. Also minor renaming of sections to match the course material.