Virtual Agile Fundamentals Course Preparation

A little preparation will go a long way in helping you to get the most out of our course time together. Please put aside at least 45 minutes to complete all three of the following steps.


Step A: Complete the Pre-course Board on Miro.

This includes familiarising yourself with using the online whiteboard tool Miro that we will be using extensively throughout the course. An essential part of this is creating a profile for yourself on the Miro board that will be used at the start of the course.

Please complete this step at least 24 hours prior to course commencement. Failure to do so is likely to hold up all participants at the start of the first session.

For the link to this Pre-course Miro board, please see your course invitation email.

Step B: Familiarisation with Agile and Scrum Foundations.

Please read / watch the following three items carefully making notes as you go.

  1. The Manifesto for Agile Software Development– the original articulation of “Agile”


In addition to the four value statements, please note the twelve principles. Please take the time to reflect on what these words mean as well as the degree to which you and those that you work with genuinely share these values and follow these principles.

  1. The Scrum Guide – the definition of Scrum by its inventors


This is the core body of Scrum knowledge. With 12 pages of content, it is a short but very important read.

  1. Team of Teams Gen Stanley McChrystal – 18minute video from Stanford Graduate School of Business

Link: (18:07)

Lessons on the need for effectiveness, adaptability and the ingredients for high performing teams.

Step C: Virtual Classroom Technology Preparation.

Please also work through our Virtual Classroom Preparation steps to minimise your chance of a technical issue impeding your access to this learning opportunity.

That’s it for your course Preparation. Thanks for being well prepared so that we can maximise our progress during the course.